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The recommended method for accessing EsPal data is the EsPal website.  If you require information about some of the additional properties that I describe below, please contact me.  


This database is an almost-complete  (and otherwise, slightly expanded) copy of the entire EsPal database --- specifically, the subtitle tokens sub-database.

NEW DATA: In addition to the data included in the original EsPal database, this version also contains the following information:

  • posBi: summed length-specific type positional bigram frequency, calculated for (and relative to) all single-word entries with a summed film frequency greater than 1.
  • legalBi: Flag indicating if each string only contianed legal bigrams.  
  • posUni: same as for posBi, above, only for unigrams / individual letters.
  • legalUni: same as for legalBi, above, only for unigrams / individual letters.
  • coltNOrth: the number of orthographic neighbours (Coltheart's N) calculated for (and relative to) all single-word entries with a summed film frequency greater than 1.  
  • OrthNeighbours: pipe ("|") delimited list of all of the orthographic neighbours.  
  • coltNPhon: same as coltNOrth only calculated for the phonological representation of the word.
  • PhonNeighbours: same as OrthNeighbours, above, only for phonology.  
  • NphonOnsetNeighbour: Number of phonological neighbours per Coltheart's N, but restricted to the first phoneme.
  • phonOnsetNeighbours: list of onset neighbours (see above)
  • NphonOffsetNeighbours: same as for NphonOnsetNeighbours, only for the last phoneme in the word.
  • NphonOffsetNeighbours: same as for phonOnsetNeighbours, only for neighbours sharing the last phoneme.
  • Same as for phonNeighbours, but only neighbours that share the same phoneme are counted

MISSING DATA: The only data not included in this file pertain to some less commonly-used variables such as bisyllable frequencies, orthographic trigram frequencies, and detailed lemma information.

The original database is available for download at:

This database is associated with the following article:

Duchon, A., Perea, M., Sebastian-Galles, N., Marti, A., & Carreiras, M. (2013).  EsPal: One-stop shopping for Spanish word properties.  Behavior Research Methods.  DOI: 10.3758/s13428-013-0326-1

Currently, a copy of this paper may be obtained from the authors at the following locations:

The information included here was compiled on May 20th, 2013. 

Copyright Notice:

The information provided here is intended to ensure the timely dissemination of the EsPal data in an alternative format that may be useful for non-commercial academic research.  Copyright of all of this material is maintained by the original authors or other copyright holders, and it is assumed that all users of these data will adhere to these copyrights. 

Blair Armstrong, 2011-